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Why are ceramic blocks better?

  1. Ceramic block is environmentally friendly, because it is made out of natural materials such as clay, sand and water.

  2. Ceramic block is highly durable, because it virtually does not absorb water. While water is a threat because when it freezes in winter it rips up a block from the inside. Water absorption of a ceramic block is from 11 to 15%, while silicate block water absorption reaches 25%.

  3. Ceramic blocks have high strength properties. A strength type of ceramic blocks is M75-M100, comparing to strength type M20-M25 of silicate blocks. Besides the average density of our ceramic block is 800 kg / m3, while the gas-silicate blocks have density of 500 kg / m3.

  4. Ceramic blocks are warm because of voids and micro pores. During production of our ceramic blocks sawdust is added to the batch, which burns out during firing in an oven and leaves micro pores. The thermal conductivity of ceramic blocks is 0.18 W / (m * K).

  5. Ceramic blocks are easy to handle, thanks to: 1. the format (1 block size of 25 or 38 can replace 10.7 ordinary bricks); 2. the ridge groove system (vertical mortar joints are not made); 3. porization (easier to handle than non pore ceramics) 4. GOST corresponding size (easy to connect with a single brick);

  6. Ceramic blocks are comfortable. A house built out of ceramic blocks is cool in summer and warm in winter. Special microclimate in such houses prevents formation of mold on walls!

Savings during construction:

  1. Foundation of a house out of ceramic blocks can be simplified. In comparison with bricks Ц ceramic block walls weight is lower than weight of walls out of any standard bricks. This simplifies a foundation design. In comparison to silicate blocks - ceramics again has advantages as silicate blocks are less stronger than adhesive / mortar joints so the strain falls on the blocks. While ceramic blocks are stronger than joints so that in ceramic block houses it is the joints that absorb shrinkage load. Therefore, the foundation of a silicate blocks house has to be more thorough and solid than the one out of ceramic blocks.

In house construction one can save up to 60% of the funds that would normally be spent on building the foundation.

  1. Walls. Reducing consumption of laying solution by 3-5 times! Because of the ridge groove system vertical mortar joints are not filled during the laying. To save the solution in the horizontal joints, we recommend you to use a special laying grid, which can help to reduce solution consumption.

  2. Labor costs. During construction one can save up not only on the materials but also labor costs. Not to mention timing of the construction. On average a mason lays 3-4 cubes of masonry during one shift. A large-size blocks increase the productivity up to 8 cubic meters.

In addition, block height of 219 mm equals to the height of three single-format bricks and 2 joints solution respectively, thus a block blends well with conventional ceramic bricks without any additional effort.

  1. Interior decoration. Due to proportions and the ridge groove system it is virtually impossible to create curved walls. Blocks hold any fasteners well. The important thing is not to use hammer drill regime during the installation!

Advantages in exploitation:

  • Lower heating costs. The number of "cold bridges" are considerably reduced when using large-format units. Walls out of porous ceramics, with the same thickness, are more than 2 times warmer than brick masonries (0.2 W / m * C against 0.42 W / m * C).

  • If you use warm ceramics insulating properties of the building is increased. Ceramic block cells form a series of air chambers, which increase sound-proof characteristics. Sound absorption property of the material is at least 51 dB.

  • Ceramic block practically does not absorb moisture, which is a high level guarantee for protection against mold and mildew on walls of your home..

  • Ceramic blocks are made from natural materials only (clay, sand, water and sawdust to form micro pores during firing). This means that any possible negative effects on a human body are eliminated.

To summarize, it is possible to conclude that final construction cost estimate for a house out of ceramic blocks is not so very different from the one out of other materials but the maintenance, repair and heating costs of the ceramic block house is undoubtedly less. Therefore, when building a house, think about your future!

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